Figuras à Ramp starts today with «a sweetie» brought by the Film Band “Variações”

Tonight also acts Galopim

The Ramp Figures, which he will join on the ramp of Teatro das Figuras, in Faro, national and local artists, starts this Thursday, August 19th, with «a sweet and a surprise» brought by the Banda do Filme “Variações”.

Armando Teixeira, musician and producer responsible for the film's soundtrack, revealed to Sul Informação that, in today's concert, we're going to “try something different. That thing is to be inspired by the versions that António Variações used to make of the songs live. We have some recordings of his live concerts – he didn't do many – and we're going to change arrangements based on the changes he made».

Most of António Variações's concerts were “in the clubs, without a band. However, we have a recording of a concert he did at Rock Rendez-Vous and we are going to be inspired by the version of “Weed” he played there».

This is the “sweetie” that the group will bring to the concert.

Armando Teixeira also promises a lot of “will and pica» for this show in Faro. After all, live performances, in the last year and a half, have been a rarity.

«All concerts are an event» and «our desire to play will be noticed in the show. We want to show that to people».

Banda do Filme “Variações” is a project that was born from the film in tribute to António Variações, by director João Maia, and which brings together Sérgio Praia, the actor who plays the artist in the film, with musicians Duarte Cabaça, David Silva, Vasco Duarte and Armando Teixeira.

And, reveals the musician, «it has been very gratifying to see people's reactions. It's been really good. Sérgio has been doing very well, incarnating the character of António Variações very well, who has already become a second skin. People feel that. Our music is made with great respect for the work, but also giving a personal touch».


Armando Teixeira


This will be the debut of the project in the Algarve and there are no dates foreseen in the region for future concerts. For this reason, says Armando Teixeira, «the best thing is to take advantage of it now».

Today, on the first night of Figuras à Rampa, Galopim, a project by Faro and «one of the most applauded by the music industry that attended the concert of the duo in the scope of the first edition of SouthMusic», highlights Teatro das Figuras.

On Friday, the 20th, it will be Nanook and Tiago Bettencourt's turn to take the stage, on a night for which tickets are almost sold out.

On Saturday, 21, he performs NEEV, «who promises not to leave out of the “Dancing in the Stars” repertoire, the theme that led him to the final of this year's Festival da Canção, becoming the most voted artist by the public», reminds the Theater of Figures.

Before that, there will be a mix of rap, hip-hop and soul performed by the Algarvian Infante.

Next week, there are two more nights of concerts at Figuras à Rampa.

On August 26, the Algarve performs The Mirandas, followed by The Legendary Tigerman, with Capitão Fausto and Catalina ending on the 27th, in a night for which there are also few tickets left.

The shows start at 21 pm and the tickets have a single price of 10 euros, being a percentage of the revenue given to the Recreational and Cultural Association of Musicians of Faro.

All shows will be recorded and broadcast in deferred on the social networks of Teatro das Figuras, so that as many people as possible can have access to these special concerts by Figuras à Rampa.