InterMEDIAte Festival kicked off yesterday with Virgin Suta and Kumbia Boruka

Festival continues today with Buba Espinho and the return of the Ukrainians DakhaBrakha

Virgin Suta at the Intermediate Festival

The festive spirit of the MED Festival was this Monday, 23 August, very present at the start of interMEDio. With two concerts by the Portuguese Virgin Suta and the Mexican Kumbia Boruka, Loulé welcomed «an audience that for more than two years had been away from big events».

A choice of poster for the first of the seven nights that will animate the Palco da Cerca, next to the historic area of ​​the city, «couldn't have been the best and contributes to whet even more the appetite of spectators thirsting for shows and good live music», says the Municipality of Loulé in a note sent to the newsrooms.

To open up hostilities, took the stage «one of the national bands that in recent years have stood out in the Portuguese pop-rock scene and with them also the resilience that has marked the cultural sector in these difficult times».

«“Dança de Balcão” (the unmistakable “toast to us”) was the icing on the cake of a concert in which emblematic themes such as “Maria Alice” or “Linhas Cruzadas” were joined by a cover the always-sounding “Playback” by Carlos Paião starring the Virgen Suta by Jorge Benvinda and Nuno Figueiredo», stresses the municipality.


Mexicans Kumbia Boruka


«If the Latin rhythms are in themselves the ideal motto for the party», the Mexicans Kumbia Boruka, who had their absolute debut on Portuguese soil yesterday in Loulé, «had the competence to show how it is possible to make the spectators really dance. seated, in an improvised “ball” in times of pandemic, where a renewed cumbia based on tradition but blending with other sounds was the queen of the night».

InterMEDio has this Tuesday, August 24th, its second night, with the performance of Buba Espinho, who brings on stage the best of Fado and Cante Alentejano.

The night ends with the return of the Ukrainians DakhaBrakha, in which "the true ethnic chaos" that characterizes the band will bring another unforgettable night in the historic center of Loulé.

The rest of the InterMEDio Festival program can be consulted here.