Faro it already has a Digital Desk available to residents

New tool can now be used

The municipality of Faro from this Tuesday, August 10th, a Digital Desk available to citizens and other economic agents that will “allow an improvement in the service from the perspective of customer service”.

This new tool comes "with the increasing availability of services and forms over the years", having been verified "some dispersion of the offer of services, dissemination of forms on the citizen's portal and on the City Council website, and lack of clarity between the distinct online presences of the municipality», says the municipality in a note sent to the newsrooms.

In this context, “the contingencies imposed by the pandemic also generated an increase in the number of services made available on the internet”.

Within the scope of the Simplex 2.0 project, under the responsibility of the municipalities of the Central Algarve, with co-financing by CRESC Algarve 2020, «the best and most recent practices in this field were identified, of which the maximization of the availability of services digitally stands out. , the use of the “Autenticação.Gov” service (Citizen's Card and Digital Mobile Key) and improvement of the service in terms of customer service», he explains.

With the Digital Desk, the municipality now has «a new space focused on the services provided online, a catalog of services aligned with an inter-municipal structure and the concentration of forms and systematization in accordance with the catalogue», stresses the Chamber of Faro.

The availability of Online Services, that is, "a new generation of intelligent forms that not only maximize the automatic filling of fields but also interact directly with the municipality's applications", will reduce the steps in the submission of requests and increase the efficiency of processes, once orders are processed more fully.

As they are directly integrated with the “Autenticação.Gov” service, these services will, in a first phase, only be accessible to natural persons with their own representation.

In the case of legal persons and attorneys, the municipality "is waiting for a development that will allow this to be possible, using a completely secure authentication service and safeguarding data privacy", concludes the municipality of Farense.

You can access the Digital Desk here.