Covid-19: Germany takes Portugal out of high risk zone, but keeps Algarve

Unimmunized travelers are subject to quarantine

The German authorities eliminated Portugal, with the exception of the Algarve and Lisbon, from the list of countries at high risk of contamination with Covid-19, which now includes Turkey, the United States and Israel.

Being on that list means that unimmunized travelers are placed in a 10-day quarantine, reduced to five if a negative test is given at the end of the fifth day.

Just a week ago, in the previous update of the list made by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for virology, some regions of southern France were included, as well as the island of Corsica and several overseas territories.

As a rule, from the beginning of August, all travelers over the age of 12 who have not received two doses of Covid-19 vaccine or have experienced the disease must test negative when entering the country.

If they come from one of the regions included in the high-risk list, a ten-day quarantine, reducible to five, is imposed on those who are not immunized.

For those entering areas under the control of the most aggressive variants, the obligation to submit a test is extended to all travellers.