Ana Bacalhau, Joana Amendoeira, Rita Redshoes, Viviane, Sofia Escobar and Luanda Cozetti together in Tavira

Show “A Woman Doesn't Cry” by Renato Júnior

Ana Bacalhau, Joana Amendoeira, Rita Redshoes, Viviane, Patrícia Antunes, Patrícia Silveira, Sofia Escobar and Luanda Cozetti will be together, on the same stage, in Tavira. It will be this Saturday,  August 7th, at 22 pm, at the Palácio da Galeria Park, by the hand of Renato Júnior's project “Uma Mulher não cries”.

 The musician, producer and composer brings together, on the same stage, some of the best female voices of today. Renato Júnior and his musicians materialize on stage the album “Uma Mulher Não Chora” which he released at the end of last year.

Between the songs she composed for this record and the visit (with her own arrangements) to some themes from the repertoires of each of the singers, this concert becomes unique in its organic structure and presents a dynamic that leaves no one indifferent.

For about an hour and a half, the guest singers parade on stage, entering the musical universe of Renato Júnior, printing, each one of them, their fingerprint to the composer's music.

The sharing is also done in the opposite direction, that is, some of the most emblematic themes of each of the singers are brought to the world of Renato Júnior and interpreted with unique arrangements.

The Câmara de Tavira, which organizes this and other shows of the “Summer in Tavira” cycle, announces that the maximum capacity of spaces has been reduced in accordance with the DGS rules and the contingency plans created for that purpose. It is mandatory to purchase tickets in advance, as well as wearing a mask and complying with the defined safety rules..

However, it is not mandatory to present a test to COVID-19, nor a digital certificate, as the venue is open-air and has a capacity of less than 1000 seats.


Ticket offices:

Tickets: 10 euros
Praça da República: daily, between 20:00 pm and 23:00 pm
Square in front of Palácio da Galeria: show days, between 20:00 pm and 23:00 pm (only for the availability of tickets corresponding to the night's show).
Palácio da Galeria: Tuesday to Saturday, between 10:30 and 18:45

Age classification: over 6 years old. In concerts with a ticket price, children pay from the authorized age.