Healthy eating marks International Youth Day in Loulé

Celebrations had the partnership of Associação In Loco and IPDJ Algarve

The municipality of Loulé, Associação In Loco and the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ) of the Algarve celebrated this Thursday, 12 August, the International Youth Day with an activity aimed at promoting healthy eating and “ environmentally friendly”: “Discovering the Right Plate”, next to Largo do Monumento to Engº Duarte Pacheco, in Loulé.

There were 19 young people from the Espaço K Project, based in the Municipal District of Loulé, who participated in the “Escolhe que you eat” initiative.

«Through playful-pedagogical activities, it was possible to involve the participants, in a direct contact with the food, with its smells, colors and flavors, but also with important nutritional information about them», says the Loulé local authority in a note sent to the newsrooms.

The “Prato Certo” project, whose promoting entity is the In Loco Association and in which the Loulé City Council is a partner, “aims to raise awareness of the importance of healthy and economical food, based on the principles of sustainability and social justice , through a Mediterranean lifestyle, and introduce many tips for “tasty, healthy and economical food”, a contribution that also has an impact on sustainable development».

One of the key points of this project is "networking with entities and organizations providing food aid, with food and/or meal distribution companies, with schools, with social action agents, among others", already that, with this collaboration, “it will be possible to reach the priority groups with greater effectiveness and efficiency”, adds the municipality.

These young people from Loulé in this activity were accompanied by the mayor of Loulé, Vítor Aleixo, the president of the IPDJ Algarve, Custódio Moreno, as well as technicians and directors of Associação In Loco.