Alcoutim reduces IMI tax and dispenses with IRS collection

Measures were approved at the last Chamber meeting

Alcoutim will reduce the IMI rate to the maximum amounts provided for in the law, according to the number of descendants, and will continue to dispense with the collection of 5% in IRS on the income of individual taxpayers residing in the Municipality. In addition, the Chamber decided at its last meeting that it will also charge IMI next year with a minimum rate of 0,3%.

In a note sent to the editorial offices, the Municipality of Alcoutim added that, «with regard to the reduction of the municipal tax rate on properties, for families with children in IMI, the approved reduction is a fixed deduction applied and translates into 20 euros for families with one child, 40 euros for families with two children and 70 euros for families with three or more children».

These measures will now be discussed at the next session of the Municipal Assembly, on 3 September.