Aggression between family members in Messines ends with 2 men arrested and 3 women beaten

GNR was called twice to the scene

A man suspected of assaulting his daughter and mother and another, his stepfather, who allegedly assaulted his partner, were arrested yesterday, August 15, by the GNR of São Bartolomeu de Messines, in the municipality of Silves.

According to the Sul Informação with a police source, the exchange of aggressions began between father and daughter, after a disagreement between the 40-year-old man and the 15-year-old girl. .

The GNR military were called to the scene and arrested the aggressor for domestic violence. This aggressor, however, had also been involved in an altercation with his 59-year-old stepfather.

The patrol left the place, but the soldiers were called again shortly after, since the detainee's companion, 48, was also the victim of aggression by the first's stepfather.

According to the GNR, "medical assistance was activated for the location to assess the health status of the victims."

The two men were made defendants. Coercion measures are not yet known.