Silves regrets that ARS has not posted nurses to a beach post in Armação

ARS had already told the Sul Informação that the priority is Covid and non-Covid assistance activities and vaccination

The Municipality of Silves regrets that nurses have not yet been assigned to the health post on the beach in Armação de Pêra, despite the municipality having already installed two containers, «with a nursing room and waiting room, air conditioning and an integrated toilet».

«Despite the insistence of the local authority to the Algarve Regional Health Administration (ARS) for the opening of the Praia Health Post – scheduled by the aforementioned entity for the 19th of July – the post is still closed», denounced the Chamber, who asks that the situation be resolved "in the shortest possible time".

ARS do Algarve had already explained, in response to the Sul Informação, that, at the moment, the priority “is to guarantee the assistance activity Covid and non-Covid in the health units and to guarantee the vaccination process against Covid-19”.

Thus, so far, only a few Beach Posts have been opened, but ARS do Algarve admits that the number may «be extended during the summer, but always in accordance with the availability of nursing resources from ACeS and the care and vaccination priorities'.

Interestingly, this justification was given in response to criticism from the Union of Nurses, which does not accept that professionals working in health care, who are already overloaded, also have to ensure the functioning of these posts.

The Municipality of Silves says "it understands the efforts and reasons indicated by the ARS, related to the Vaccination Centers, the Covid-19 testing and the Primary Health Care Units", but it does not fail to reinforce "the importance of openness and the functioning of the Beach Health Post in Armação de Pêra is due to the massive presence of vacationers and the right to access healthcare during this bathing season».