Loulé Jazz 2021 will be a «great feast of Portuguese jazz»

Festival takes place from July 29th to August 1st

Mário Laginha – Photo: Pedro Lemos

Loulé Jazz 2021 it will be “a great Portuguese jazz party”, said to Lusa the festival's artistic director, Mário Laginha, noting that “it no longer makes sense” to have an international distinction for “quality”.

In its 26th edition, the festival changes its name and leads to the Cerca do Convento do Espírito Santo, in Loulé (Faro), between the 29th of July and the 1st of August, the musicians and groups Bernardo Moreira, Eduardo Cardinho, João Frade, Maria João and Carlos Bica, Pedro Moreira, Miguel Meirinhos, Loulé Jazz Trio and Zé Eduardo.

Mário Laginha assumes that there was a time when the international term was used to highlight that “foreign musicians came”, something that stopped happening. The situation in which many musicians were left behind due to the Covid-19 pandemic, led the organization to consider whether they could make the festival a "great Portuguese jazz festival" and invite musicians "from all over the country"

“Jazz has had an exponential growth in Portugal, several schools have opened from north to south, there are many good teachers. We would like the Loulé jazz festival to become this great party, with Portuguese musicians inviting other foreigners, which would be excellent, and it is already happening this year”, he stressed.

Assuming that "it was difficult" to make the choice, Laginha looked for musicians who had "new works", such as the bassist Bernardo Moreira, with an album dedicated to Carlos Paredes, "Entre Paredes", or Pedro Moreira, with the recording made in a "formation unusual” of five saxophones and the rhythm and guitar section, “Two Maybe More”.

There are also novelties such as the “young pianist” from Porto Miguel Meirinhos or the “new formation” of Maria João and Carlos Bica, a reunion that “has not yet performed at the festival”, or the trio of double bass player Zé Eduardo, who will present “music by revolution of the world”, he noted.

Mário Laginha lamented that the current restrictions placed by the covid-19 pandemic do not allow the holding of several 'jam sessions' scheduled after the concerts with trios of young musicians, many of them "still students and playing very well", increasing the offer “from eight to 12 bands of Portuguese musicians”, but revealed the hope that the idea “does not get lost”.

The programming of the 26th Loulé Jazz presents, at Cerca do Convento do Espírito Santo, Trio Zé Eduardo and Trio João Frade with Jorge Pardo, on 29 July, Pedro Moreira Sax Ensemble “Two Maybe More” and the Quarteto Maria João and Carlos Bica, on the 30th.

On the 31st, the Trio Miguel Meirinhos and Eduardo Cardinho Quinteto take the stage and, on the 1st of August, the festival is closed by the Sexteto Bernardo Moreira (“Entre Paredes”) and the Loulé Jazz Trio, with Julian Argüelles.

Loulé Jazz is organized by the Casa de Cultura de Loulé, and tickets can be purchased at Cineteatro Louletano or at BOL – On Line Ticket.