Book “A Century of Electric Power in Tavira” is released on Friday

Tavira has had electricity since 1916

The book “Um Século de Energia Elétrica em Tavira”, by João Monteiro Figueira, will be presented on Friday, the 16th, at 18 pm, at the Álvaro de Campos Municipal Library.

The work, co-edited by Edições Colibri and the Municipality of Tavira, tells the story of the supply and use of electricity in the municipality of Tavira, over a century, from its inauguration in the city on June 25, 1916 until mid-year. 2010 decade.

«How it happened, what impacts it had on the life of the city, who was the protagonist of this achievement, how this journey is compared with other municipalities in the Algarve and also in the country, are some of the issues that we sought to answer, in this study, by resorting to this, to numerous statistical data, local and regional sources, both monographs and periodicals, even documents from central official bodies and public companies», describes the Chamber of Tavira.

The work gives 'detailed attention to the way in which the municipality of Tavira carried out the initiative to install the electricity network, the way in which it has adapted over time to the exploitation of this service, the vicissitudes it faced and the options it adopted in the face of the challenges that he had to face».

The initiative for the installation and operation of electricity networks «was one of the best examples of the initiative, entrepreneurship, will and capacity for achievement of municipalities in Portugal, ending up as a pioneer for much of the essential intervention of local authorities in the provision of services to local populations'.

Attendance at the session will be limited to the capacity of the space, ie a maximum of 20 seats. Previous appointment will be required, via email [email protected] or telephone 281 320 585 / 576, «and applicants must be present until 18:00. From that moment on, those who arrive will enter, even without being registered, up to the limit of available places».

The book will be on sale during the session.

João Figueira holds a PhD in Economic History from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Coimbra and is a guest researcher at the Economic and Social History Office of the Superior Institute of Economics and Management of the University of Lisbon.

He develops works in the area of ​​the history of the electricity sector, such as The State in the Electrification of the Country to EDP (1945-1976) and A History of Electricity in Portugal, edited by CTT in 2018. Among his most recent works is also the Study Electric Power Distribution in Portugal (1976-2000), edited by EDP – Distribuição in 2019.