Lagoa develops a strategic plan to strengthen itself as an «educating municipality»

The Municipal Strategic Plan for Education in Lagoa intends to provide the municipality with a working tool to guide action in the area of ​​education

The municipality of Lagoa is currently building the “Municipal Strategic Plan for Education in Lagoa” (PEMEL), which aims to materialize the strategic option that the municipality has been pursuing in placing this domain at the heart of its sustainable development policies. territory.

PEMEL intends to provide the municipality with a working tool to guide action in this domain, defining «a shared vision with local agents about the intended model of educating city, empowering people, organizations and resources that constitute the whole the county's educational network», says the municipality.

The participation and involvement of the educational and educating community in the construction of PEMEL was the methodological option adopted, enabling the response to their expectations and aspirations in relation to the collective project “Lagoa, Cidade Educadora”.

The implementation of the municipal education strategy, framed in the principles of the Charter of Educating Cities, to which the municipality has been committed since 2017, constitutes «another element of consolidation of comprehensive education in a complex system, where the council is constituted as a permanent, plural and polyhedral educational agent, capable of leveraging social change», states the municipality.

The preparation of PEMEL has gone through successive stages of mapping and systematizing information on the most relevant aspects of the educational response in Lagoa, of reflection and organization on the goals to be achieved and the resulting commitments.

«This is a differentiating document, a dynamic and updated document, which responds to the needs of management and decision-making in the conduct of municipal educational policies, which will bring some innovations in the process of collecting and processing information on the situation of the municipality in terms of school success , support and specific measures for the students, and on the projects and interventions in progress in schools and in the community», explained Luís Encarnação, president of the Municipality of Lagoa.

In order to align the municipality's educational community with PEMEL's proposals and strategic guidelines, the options for ongoing projects in the municipality are being reflected, with a view to their convergence, exploring the potential for innovation and creative guidance for action.

A broad process for its dissemination and respective training will also be launched between September and November, culminating with actions of good practice on the occasion of the commemorations of the International Day of the Educating City, which will be celebrated on 30 November.

With PEMEL, it is intended to «recognise and stimulate the innovative and creative capacity of the network of educational agents, reinforcing Lagoa as an educating municipality», adds the municipality.

The proposal for a collaborative methodology also intends to “stimulate networking in a cohesive way, facilitating the response of all partners, from parents, students, through teachers, trainers, employers and community agents, to the current challenges of recovery and recovery of social and economic dynamics, using a consistent and mobilizing medium and long-term educational strategy», concludes the municipality.