BE wants that Faro include Hangars in summer river careers

In the Assembly of the Republic

The deputies from the Left Bloc (BE) to the Assembly of the Republic want to know why the nucleus of Hangars on the island of Culatra was left out of the summer river routes and has already taken the matter to the Government.

João Vasconcelos, elected by the Algarve, and his bench colleagues Joana Mortágua and Nelson Peralta questioned the minister of environment and climate action about the scarcity of river routes on the island of Culatra, namely the option of leaving out the Hangares, in careers recently replaced by the Chamber of Faro, which will work during the summer period.

BE remembers that they were the islanders of the three cores of this island – Culatra, Hangares and Farol – that, over the years, “have built and contributed to the good conditions of access, services and security that currently exist and constitute support infrastructure for those who live there, or who visit the beaches”.

It is also to them that «the very existence of regular careers that link the islands to Faro and Olhão».

“The need for careers in Hangars (such as in the Farol), is felt throughout the year, but with greater acuity in the summer period», framed the Blocist deputies.

«Recently, the current executive of the City Council of Faro carried out the replacement of the summer river routes in the Culatra and in the Farol, not doing it in the Hangars nucleus, which is unacceptable and even more revolts its inhabitants, who continue to feel excluded and abandoned. It is even more incomprehensible that the career vessels pass through the Hangars and do not stop in this location, which is in the middle, between the other two cores of the island», they consider.

Given this, the bloc questioned whether the Government is aware of this situation, which takes place in a Protected Area.
On the other hand, he wants to know if the executive «believes that the population nucleus of Hangares has the right to summer river careers, as happens in the housing nuclei of Culatra and of the Farol ».

The BE also wants to know if the Government will intercede with the Chamber of Faro to, on the one hand, that this entity «place summer fluvial routes in the Hangares nucleus» and, on the other, so that «all population centers on the island of Culatra have river routes throughout the year, including in the winter period ».