University of Algarve awarded 57 students with Scholarships of Excellence

At the ceremony, international students were also honored, with the best classifications, who benefit from a reduced tuition fee of 1.100 euros

57 students from the University of Algarve (UAlg) received, this Wednesday, June 9th, their Excellence Scholarships. This initiative, which is now in its ninth edition, told,year, with the participation of 46 entities and has already awarded 393 students, totaling support of more than 360 thousand euros.

All students who entered the University of Algarve (UAlg) in first option, with an application grade equal to or higher than 17, received an excellence scholarship.

With this initiative, UAlg says that “it intends to motivate the best students to continue their training at this Academy, providing them with quality education”.

The scholarship awarded fully pays the tuition fee for the 1st year of a degree or integrated masters, in the amount of 697 euros, to the best students who enrolled in the 1st year, in 2020/2021.

Laura Pimenta was one of the awarded students. He came from Serpa Secondary School and joined the University of Algarve in the degree course in Communication Sciences (first option) with an application grade of 17,99.

The student, who at this ceremony spoke on behalf of the awarded students, thanked the University of Algarve and companies for this opportunity.

«The award of the Excellence Scholarship was something that motivated me during secondary education and I believe it is for any student who intends to join UAlg».

In Laura Pimenta's opinion, “it is important to recognize the merit achieved during secondary school and it is important that students feel motivated to obtain good results”.

«I think the University of Algarve plays a good role in this aspect: I feel I was very well received and that this is where I will spend what they say are the best years of my life», he considered.



Paulo Águas, rector of the University of Algarve, addressed a word of thanks to the companies, which, despite the pandemic and the difficulties, continued to support this project, allowing for the delivery of excellence grants for the ninth consecutive year. .

The dean congratulated the awarded families and students, referring to their irreverence in the different grades, but highlighting the fact that they knew, in the course prior to university, how to reconcile all this with the good results: «it is certainly a lot of your talent, but also a lot of work, because talent alone is not enough», he said.

As for Alexandre Lima, regional delegate for Education in the Algarve, he said that the good grades of these students are «a feat that should be highlighted».

The official also highlighted “the work that the University has been doing in the region and the work it does in monitoring students who come from Secondary to Higher Education”.

This initiative, within a framework of social responsibility, represents an important sign of recognition of merit for the work carried out by these students, in addition to constituting a significant help for families to bear the burden of their students.

At the ceremony, international students were also honored, with the best classifications, who benefit from a reduced tuition fee of 1.100 euros.