Tavirense Henrique Mestre releases “Queda Livre” as his debut single

Theme was released by Almariado Records

Last Wednesday, June 16, the musician and composer from Tavira presented his debut single “Queda Livre”, which is available on all streaming platforms.

This is the first theme of the 28-year-old producer and instrumentalist's solo project, released under the umbrella of Almariado Records, a production company he coordinates and based in the Algarve.

«After several collaborations as a musician and producer, this is the first opportunity to hear Henrique Mestre solo. In a truly independent enterprise, Queda Livre is written, recorded and mastered only by him», emphasizes Almariado Records.

Founded in 2019, this production company «has been presenting itself as an authentic pole of alternative music in the eastern Algarve, performing functions not only as a studio for musicians such as Al Guitar Duo, Tanque Pluma and Cerealbloc, but also in the sound design of film productions. ».

«The studio is an altar of music where I can create without borders and apply everything I've been learning in the production area», says Henrique Mestre about his new project.

With cover by illustrator Inês Viegas Oliveira, Queda Livre is available on YouTube, Spotify, Tidal and iTunes.

Listen to "Free Fall" here: