Basketball: ACD Ferragudo women's team moves up to Division I

Team is led by José Calabote

The senior women's team from the Cultural and Sports Association (ACD) Ferragudo guaranteed, this weekend, June 19th and 20th, the climb to the I National Basketball Division. 

The team led by José Calabote managed to achieve "its pretensions".

«We are immensely proud and, despite the difficult journey resulting from the multiple setbacks caused by the pandemic, the resilience and dedication of this group, the commitment to the intense and dedicated work of all our athletes and technical team, result in the achievement of this unprecedented feat in the history of the basketball by ACD Ferragudo», says this club.

In a press release, ACD Ferragudo "thanks the Municipality of Lagoa, in the person of its president Luís Encarnação, who guaranteed all the necessary support, encouraged resilience, a spirit of sacrifice and unity, being a very important piece in the final result".

«This is a result that motivates us to do more and better, in the certainty that it raises the level of basketball in the Algarve and decisively catapults the name of Ferragudo and the municipality of Lagoa throughout the country», he concludes.