Águas do Algarve awards the contract for the VRSA WWTP solar sludge drying plant

The company's investment will be nearly two million euros

The company Águas do Algarve has already awarded the contract for the solar sludge drying plant at the Waste Water Treatment Station (WWTP) in Vila Real de Santo António.

The contract will cost around 2 million euros and consists of «the construction of a kiln for drying the sludge, including a system for transporting the dehydrated sludge to the kiln, a system for removing the kiln and transporting it to the storage galley», according to Águas do Algarve (AdA).

A weighing scale will also be built and the installation of a remote sanitation management system by AdA will be integrated.

The consortium comprising the companies Nov Pro Construções, Lena Engenharia e Construção and Treatment Solutions, who were awarded the work, has 355 days to complete the work.

At an environmental level, «the project has added value, ensuring a better quality of the sludge produced and a reduction in the number of transports needed to send the sludge to its final destination».

From an economic point of view, "the estimated return on investment will be less than the period of the current concession contract in force".

A construction of the plant it also has the advantage that the transport of sludge, between the mechanical dehydration and the greenhouse, is short, «which allows it to be easily automated and, as there are no sensitive places nearby, it is unnecessary to build a new deodorization, which reduces the investment value,” says the company.

The treatment system of the WWTP in Vila Real de Santo António was designed to receive effluents from the localities of the Fábrica, Altura, Manta Rota, Monte Gordo, Junqueira and Casto Marim, conducted through an interceptor lift system, made up of 14 lifts 33 km long, of which 18 km correspond to lift ducts and 15 km to gravity collectors.

With its construction and entry into operation in 2009, it was possible to increase the area previously served in the municipalities of VRSA and Castro Marim and deactivate the WWTP in Manta Rota, Altura and Castro Marim.

The facility has the capacity to treat 20.965 cubic meters per day, corresponding to a maximum population of 58.233 equivalent inhabitants.