Timing makes a strong investment in the industrial sector and opens a Delegation in São João da Madeira

The company's human resources coordinator invites the entire population who are unemployed or who are looking for new opportunities to visit Timing's facilities so that they can apply for new vacancies

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Known for having quickly implemented in Portugal, in a sector where the players of greater relevance are, for the most part, the same ones for a few years, the temporary work company Timing – which turned six years old on April 15th – and which has 11 branches spread across the country, started its 2021-2025 expansion plan in the North of the country.

To mark its 6th anniversary, the Timing inaugurated its delegation of Sao Joao da Madeira, in the district of Aveiro. This company, which has a large presence in various sectors, from hotels, construction, retail, logistics, among others, is now making a strong commitment to the industrial sector.

«Due to the visible increase in recruitment requests in this sector (industry), and in our recent creation of a specialized department, we were very pleased to be present in the Aveiro district, one of the areas of our country where the industry has a greater highlight», stresses Andreia Pereira, human resources coordinator at Timing.

Andreia adds that “we invite, from now on, all the local population, who are without a job or who are looking for new opportunities, to visit our facilities next to the City Council, so that they can apply for the various job offers that we have. ».

«Our principle is to provide a fast, professional and differentiating service, which totally meets the real needs of our customers, as well as our employees, who are seen by us as ambassadors of our brand. Our main objective, in this phase of growth, is to consolidate the operation in all the areas where we are well implemented and to expand in the Center and North of the country, with the expectation of inaugurating at least one new delegation per year, between 2021 and 2025», says the company's CEO, Ricardo Mariano.

The temporary work sector has shown significant growth rates in Portugal and in Europe, mainly in the last decade, and is increasingly viewed favorably by both companies and workers.