Teatro das Figuras has a double Noiserv and a concert by Leon Baldesberger

Between May 13th and 15th


Noiserv in double dose and the presentation of the new album of originals by the Luso-Helvetic trumpeter Leon Baldesberger mark the programming of Teatro das Figuras, in Faro, this week.

On Thursday, the 13th, Leon Baldesberger's Meersalz will unveil “Grilled Orange”, the third album of original compositions by the musician who gives the project its name.

«Allied with a certain minimalism, clearly structured and orchestrated excerpts, in which the combination of complex rhythms and broad harmonies predominates, go hand in hand with improvisation. The project has continuously evolved since it was promoted as Best of Swiss Jazz Bachelor 2012, having passed through renowned stages in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal and Spain», according to Teatro das Figuras.


Leon Baldesberger's Meersalz


On the 14th, Friday, at 19:30 pm, Noiserv presents the album “Uma Palavra Primeira por N”, his most recent work.

This record «takes on a more confessional tone than the previous records and gets closer to the listener through its sound combined with the mother tongue».

The following day, Saturday, between 15 pm and 00 pm, the Lisbon musician returns to Teatro das Figuras, this time to talk about his experience as a composer of soundscapes.

«How does the challenge begin? What different approaches have you struggled with? What do you most like to do? What is the connection point between composing a record in one's own name or composing a work in collaboration with cinema or theatre? These are some questions that will be looked for in a conversation and dialogue with the participants of the “Creation of Soundscapes” initiative.

Those interested in participating in this conversation will have to register by sending an email to [email protected]. The cost per person is 30 euros.