New retail park with 20 brands is being built next to Alcantarilha

Enterprise represents an investment of 25 million euros

The Southwest Retail Park, which is being built next to the Alcantarilha roundabout on the EN125 and next to one of the accesses to Via do Infante, represents an investment of around 25 million euros, will house 20 brands and should open next summer year.

According to its promoters, the company Retail Mind Global Retail Services, it is "one of the largest" developments of its kind "in Portugal and the largest in the Algarve region". It is expected to create 120 jobs in the construction phase and around 500 when it starts operating.

Among the brands that will be present in the new retail park, there is a Continente supermarket, a space for home appliances from Rádio Popular, as well as insignia in the decoration sector such as Homa and Espaço Casa, and also Burger King, in the sector of restoration.

"These are some of the brands included in this commercial complex, which already has a sales rate above 80%", add the promoters.

Vítor Rocha, general director of Retail Mind, says that it is “with great satisfaction that we see the beginning of the construction of this project, which will certainly be a reference for the region. We closely monitor the growth of numerous retail brands, who trust in our work to help them grow and go even further. The diversified commercial mix, with which we created this project, has relevant brands in the national and international panorama and highlights the unique attractiveness of this project».

Work3, an Architecture and Engineering company, headquartered in Monção, Viana do Castelo, is responsible for preparing the future retail park of Alcantarilha, Silves – the Sudoeste Retail Park. The construction, which is being carried out by Telhabel Construções SA, began in January and is expected to open to the public in the summer of 2022.

Along with the integral management of the licensing process, Work3 assumed the coordination of the Environmental Impact Study process and the procedure for the economic license with the General Directorate of Employment and Labor Relations and the Ministry of Economy.

Sandra Caldas, administrator of Work3, explains that "Work3's participation in this commercial complex in Alcantarilha assumes special prominence in our portfolio, not only because it is a challenge that activated different aspects of the company, involving our entire team, but also because we are aware of the importance that the project assumes in the creation of jobs in the region”.

The “Launching of the First Stone” ceremony is scheduled for this Wednesday, May 19, with the presence of elements from the Municipality of Silves and other regional bodies, as well as representatives of some of the brands that will operate in this Retail Park.