Loulé promotes second demand for houses for public housing

Proposals must be delivered via email or at the Office's office services

Photo: Bárbara Caetano | File Sul Informação.

Loulé City Council, for the second time, promotes a consultation of the real estate market, without commitment, to find properties for public housing, to take place until the 18th of June.

With the aim of continuing the projects that constitute the Local Housing Strategy of the Municipality of Loulé, this initiative aims at «both the acquisition and rental aspects of housing, provided that they are located in this municipality and comply with certain criteria », explains the municipality.

Housing typologies may vary between T1 and T4 and all properties must have immediate habitability conditions, as it is not the Municipality's intention to carry out rehabilitation, conservation or remodeling works, even to speed up the process.

The proposed properties must be registered with the Land Registry Office, possess a habitability license and have all infrastructure networks (water, sanitation, drainage, electricity and telecommunications). They may not be subject to any liens in favor of third parties (in case of sale), nor to any usufruct, or any other charge in favor of third parties.

Proposals must be submitted through the Email or in the office hours of the municipality.

Proposals must contain the draft sale/lease proposal (available at municipality website, which can also be requested through the Email), the habitability license (or just the indication of its number and year in the draft), the Land Registry and the Land Registry Certificate duly updated.

The autarchy recalls that «in a ten-year horizon (until 2030), the Municipality of Loulé wants to support 1400 families, providing them with access to housing, whether in a supported or accessible regime».

To achieve this goal, on April 27, they were awarded 22 public housing keys, on the same day that the foundation stone of 17 dwellings in Salir was laid and the project for Urbanização da Clona, ​​in the city of Loulé, was presented, where 128 dwellings will be built.

In 2020, between the months of July and August, the municipality had promoted a real estate market consultation similar and it is precisely in some of these houses that families benefiting from this project are already installed.