Faro launches public auction of land for housing at controlled costs

There are two lots for sale

Photo: Flávio Costa | Sul Informação – File Image

The Chamber of Faro will sell at public auction two plots of land intended for housing construction at controlled costs.

The disposal procedure was approved by the City Council and is now being decided on by the Municipal Assembly.

One of the plots of land at public auction, designated by lot no. 6, has an area of ​​1067 square meters and is located on the corner of Estrada da Senhora da Saúde and Rua Capitães de Abril.

The other land, lot nº 7, with an area of ​​888 m2, is located on the corner of Rua Capitães de Abril with Praceta Capitães de Abril in Faro.

The base purchase price for the two lots, which are intended for the construction of a total of 90 dwellings and 66 parking spaces, is 1.185.562,40 euros.

By lots, nº 6 has a bid base of 616.247 euros and is intended for 46 dwellings and 36 parking spaces in the basement.

Lot No. 7 has a bid base of 569.315 euros, is intended for 44 dwellings and 30 parking spaces in the basement.

«The types of dwellings to be built should, in global percentage, be: 30% to 35% in typology T3; 40% to 55%, in typology T2 and 20% to 35%, in typology T1», according to the Chamber of Faro.

The procedure, open to construction companies or groupings of companies, will be available for consultation at the Department of Infrastructure and Urbanism of the Municipality of Faro, located at Largo de S. Francisco, nº 39, between 9:00 am and 17:00 pm, every working day, from the date of publication of the respective notice, until 17:00 of the day immediately preceding the public act of the competition.

Interested parties may also obtain information by calling 289870880 or by email [email protected] and through the Chamber website.

The tender for the attribution of dwellings “will be launched during the process of construction of the houses at a controlled cost”.