Aljezur celebrates 13 years of Museum of the Sea and Land of Carrapateira

Câmara suggests watching a documentary by RTP, which reveals the life of barnacle catchers

It is not possible to have a party “with all the dignity” that the 13 years of existence of the Museum of the Sea and Land of Carrapateira would deserve, but that did not mean that the Aljezur Council let this occasion go unnoticed.

Following the anniversary of this museum space, which was celebrated on May 1st, the municipality of Aljezurense is inviting the population to see the documentary “Men na Falésia” by RTP, which talks about barnacle catching on the Algarve coast and the daily work of fishermen depending on the tides, as well as the risks they run when defying nature and the elements in shellfish harvesting.

The protagonists of this documentary, available in the RTP file, are «the Guerreiros do Mar, as they are known by our people, men of courage and resilience who face the fury of the sea to bring this much appreciated delicacy to our table».

"And because, within all of us, there is a Sea Warrior, we invite you to visit our museum from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 15:30 pm", challenged the City Council of Aljezur.