Loulé Carnival recipes distributed by IPSS and associations

The municipality emphasizes the fact that Carnival has this solidarity component.

Yesterday, April 22, the Loulé Council allocated a value of 70 thousand euros (referring to the Loulé Carnival revenue) to Private Social Solidarity Institutions (IPSS), collectives and associations.

The five IPSS supported were: the Serra do Caldeirão Social Solidarity Institution, ASMAL – Algarve Mental Health Association, UNIR – Association of the Mentally Ill, Families and Friends of the Algarve, Esperança e Paz Association and ASCA – Association Social and Cultural of Almancil.

Regarding the remaining 50% of revenue, the amount goes to the following associations: Grupo Desportivo das Barreiras Brancas, EXISTIR – Association for the Intervention and Rehabilitation of Disabled and Disadvantaged Populations, CDA – Clube Desportivo AlgarveGym, DOINA – Association of Romanian Emigrants and Moldavos do Algarve, Moto Clube de Loulé, GCL – Gymnastics Clube de Loulé, TUALLE – Tuna Universitária Afonsina de Loulé, National Scouts Corps – Group 290 – Loulé, Louletano Sports and Youth Sport Campinense.

The amount refers to the revenues of the Loulé Carnival 2020, in an amount collected from the ticket office of the parade, in the «last year in which the corsican went out into the streets, weeks before the outbreak of the pandemic in our country», says the municipality.

With this initiative, the Municipality of Loulé «intends to support the work carried out by some IPSS in the municipality, particularly at a time when social weaknesses have increased and actions in this area are essential» with 50% of the value.

The attribution of the remaining 50% of this support is intended for the communities, associations and clubs that participated in the parade is a way of “rewarding and praising the involvement, commitment and creativity with which they did so, demonstrating once again that Carnival continues to to be a tradition deeply rooted in the local community, but also to encourage new generations to participate», explains the Municipality.

Vítor Aleixo, mayor of Loulé, laments the fact that “this year Carnival has not returned to Avenida José da Costa Mealha and fulfills this tradition that speaks so much to the hearts of Loulé residents and which attracts thousands of visitors to the city”.

However, the president states that “we are here allocating the funds for the 2020 parade, to support these agents promoting the social life of the municipality at a time when this mutual assistance and cooperation is essential to face the problems that the health crisis has aggravated. A word of thanks to the communities that keep the carnival spirit alive with their involvement in the parade».

The local authority emphasizes the fact that the Loulé Carnival, since its first edition in 1906, «has always had a charitable role, starting by allocating 200 “alms” to needy people in the municipality. In the 20s, its organization became the responsibility of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Loulé, with the aim of allocating all the carnival revenue for the operation of the Loulé hospital, which for many years was considered a reference in the Algarve region. ».

Later, the Municipality of Loulé resumed this solidarity component.