VRSA PSD praises "Conceição Cabrita's act of resignation"

PSD considers that her resignation from the position is a sign of Conceição Cabrita's willingness "to collaborate with justice throughout the process"

VRSA – Archive Image – Photo: Pablo Sabater | Sul Informação

The PSD of Vila Real de Santo António went public to praise the "resignation act of Conceição Cabrita" from the presidency of the Chamber and wish that the ex-president of the municipality since yesterday «can prove her innocence as quickly as possible. of the crimes that may eventually be charged».

For Social Democrats, the willingness to leave office "demonstrates the total willingness" of the former mayor "to collaborate with justice throughout the process."

However, this decision would always be inevitable, in light of the measure of coercion that was applied to Conceição Cabrita, who saw the court prohibit their entry into the Chamber or any municipal facilities.

In a communiqué signed by Luís Gomes, the former mayor and current president of the council and PSD candidate for the Chamber, the social democrats of Vilarreal regret «the recent events that took place in our municipality and that led to the arrest and subsequent resignation of his activist Conceição Cabrita to the position of president of the municipality'.

At issue is “Operation Triangle”, carried out on Tuesday by the Judiciary Police, as part of an inquiry conducted by the DIAP of Évora, in the context of which Conceição Cabrita, mayor of VRSA, was arrested.

“Quoting someone, “it is only up to the courts to conduct with full independence” matters that should only be dealt with in the courts itself,” defended the PSD/VRSA.