Lagos creates fuel management lanes in Mata de Barão de São João and Pincho

Fuel management lanes will also be made in the Pincho area

Fuel management strips are being made in the National Forest of Barão de São João, covering a total area of ​​60 hectares, the Câmara de Lagos announced today.

The work is under the responsibility of the Municipal Civil Protection Service of Lagos, "with the award of services and the collaboration of Sapadores Florestais and hunter clubs from Terras do Infante, based on recently established protocols", adds the municipality.

The municipality will also carry out work on around 25 hectares of fuel management lanes in the Pincho area.

«The management of existing fuels in rural areas is carried out by means of strips and plots, located in strategic locations, for the pursuit of certain functions», where the «modification or «total or partial removal of the biomass present» is carried out.

«The fuel management lanes are primary, secondary and tertiary networks, taking into account the functions they can perform, namely: reduction of the surface covered by large fires, allowing and facilitating a direct fire-fighting intervention; reduction of the effects of the passage of fires, passively protecting communication routes, infrastructure and social facilities, built-up areas and forest settlements of special value; isolation of potential fire ignition sources'.

Through this collaborative work between local authorities and entities, the municipality «is strengthening its strategies to prevent and fight forest fires in the municipality, one of the great scourges that annually devastate the country», concludes the Câmara de Lagos.