Faro and Lagoa already have vaccination centers ready to operate

Spaces have already been visited by the Algarve Regional Administration

Faro and Lagoa already have vaccination centers ready to operate, set up by the respective Municipal Councils. 

Em Faro, the Municipal Vaccination Center is installed in the Penha Municipal Pavilion. The space was visited this Thursday, April 8, by the mayor Rogério Bacalhau and handed over to the Central Algarve Health Center Group (ACES), which is responsible for organizing the entire vaccination process in the municipality.

This Vaccination Center was set up over the past few weeks by the Municipal services, in coordination and under the supervision of the National Health Service and Health Authority, and will allow the vaccination of around 600 citizens a day, with all the safety conditions, distance physical and comfort.

This response, which represents an investment by the municipality of more than 30 euros, will have a total of eight vaccination points, installed inside the Municipal Pavilion, in addition to a reception and admission counter for people to inoculate, pre- vaccination, vaccination and post-vaccination (where people who have already been inoculated should rest for about 30 minutes).

Citizens will be called for vaccination by contacting the Health Center, and the municipality will continue to monitor the process and actively collaborate in this process over the next few weeks.

To access the facilities of the Municipal Vaccination Center, the main entrance to the Penha Municipal Pavilion must be used, which has parking in the surrounding area, and residents must respect all existing signs and indications provided by employees present on the site.

For the rest, the Chamber of Faro will ensure free taxi transportation to the Municipal Vaccination Center for citizens who need it, due to mobility or travel difficulties, an initiative that will be announced in due course.

In Lagoa, the implementation of the Vaccination Center, near the Health Center, is also completed.

The structure created to support the second phase of vaccination against COVID-19 was validated by the Algarve Health Centers Group (ACES II, Barlavento) and is now available to the Algarve Regional Health Administration to start using it.

Lagoa, thus, becomes part of the 150 vaccination centers spread throughout the country, in this second phase of vaccination, following all the criteria required by the DGS.

After the installation and preparation works, a representative of the management of ACES II (Barlavento) visited the new facilities on April 6th in order to verify compliance with the DGS standards.

Already validated, the Lagoa Vaccination Center is now ready for use. The management of this equipment is under the responsibility of ACES Algarve II (Barlavento), which will define the calendar and duration of the period of massive vaccination.

The Lagoa Vaccination Center consists of a reception area, a waiting room and a recovery room, both with a simultaneous capacity for 25 users, 5 vaccination offices with the capacity to vaccinate around 40 users per hour, room of vaccination preparation and emergency room.

«The Municipality of Lagoa, supported all the costs of installing the Vaccination Center and fulfilled its commitment, so that all Lagoa residents can be vaccinated more quickly, en masse and in safety», declared President Luís Encarnação.