Derby between Farense and Portimonense will be "super special"

Sul Informação spoke with Manuel Cajuda, historic Algarve player and coach

It will be a «super special» game between two clubs that Manuel Cajuda has «in his heart». The Algarve debuted as a coach at Farense, but it was at Portimonense that he had his first experience as a coach in the I League. For the derby this Tuesday, April 27, Manuel Cajuda confesses that he preferred a victory for Farense, "only due to the current context" that forces the team from the Algarve capital to earn points to achieve maintenance.

32 years later, Farense and Portimonense will return to play a game counting for the XNUMXst League, at the Estádio de São Luís, in Faro.

The last time this had happened was in the distant 1988/1989 season, at the time with a zero draw.

Whether as a player, where he played for Farense, or as a coach, Manuel Cajuda knows very well what this game means. «A derby is always a derby and this one is super special», he begins by saying, in an interview with Sul Informação.

“It's not easy for me to comment on two clubs that I have in my heart. I started my career as a coach at Farense, I was a player, captain and started my career there as a coach. Portimonense was the first club that offered me a contract in the I Division», he says.

Even so, for today's game, Manuel Cajuda does not hide a preference – which he readily justifies.

"Well, what I would really like was for both of them to win, but, in this special case, I have no doubts, without pinching the love for Portimonense, preferring Farense's victory due to the current situation," he explains.

Is that Farense is in a lively fight for permanence, occupying the 17th position (25 points). Portimonense, as Manuel Cajuda says, "is calmer" in 10th place and with 32 points.


Manuel Cajuda


«Algarvian football needs two teams in the I League and I, in this case, not pinching the love I have for Portimonense, I would like Farense to win», he reiterates.

For the coach, today's game is «decisive for Farense». “If you don't win, I think you're in a very, very delicate position. It is clear that the championship continues, but it gets very complicated», he considers.

If he wins, Manuel Cajuda believes that the team Faro he will leave "for the much-desired maintenance".

And the current coaches of the two teams, what do they say?

Both Jorge Costa (Farense) and Paulo Sérgio (Portimonense) assume that it will be a difficult game. "We know it's special because it's a derby, but we want to continue what we did well in Paços de Ferreira", says the Farense coach.

«We left with a spirit of conquest: we know about Farense's qualities. We respect our neighbor a lot. Farense has a good team, excellently oriented», considers, in turn, Paulo Sérgio.

With no fans in the stands, the coach of Portimonense thinks that Farense will not have much advantage by playing at home, but Jorge Costa assumes that he wants to "return to winning" at São Luís.



For Manuel Cajuda, the key to the game will be «in the collective» of each of the teams. “This is always the strength of any team”, he considers.

Anyone who expects a “very open” game, full of opportunities, may be wrong.

“They are two good teams and it will be a difficult game for both. From the experience I have, I believe that maybe it won't be a very well played match, in which the psychological issue will prevail», guarantees the Algarve coach.

Looking at the history of matches, Portimonense has never won at São Luís, in I Liga games. On the other hand, if you take into account all the matches between the two Algarve clubs in all competitions, the statistic is more balanced: 27 wins for Farense, 15 draws and 25 wins for Portimonense.

Today, starting at 21:45 pm, there will be another page of history to be written.