Chamber launches public auction for the sale of deposits in the New Cemetery of Faro

The base bid price for each deposit is 21 thousand euros

The Chamber of Faro will launch a public auction process for the sale of the right to grant 10 deposits in the New Cemetery.

The 10 spaces to be sold by the municipality are located in block H of the infrastructure, and can be visited from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 12:14 pm and from 30:16 pm to 30:XNUMX pm.

With an area of ​​8,28 square meters, the tombs include a lockable door, exterior finishing with “alpenine” stone, containing 8 compartments (in addition to the entrance compartment, measuring 0,99 meters by 2,70 meters).

The entire process, as well as the regulation of the Municipal Cemeteries of Faro, are available for consultation at the Department of Administrative and Patrimonial Management / Heritage and Registry Service of the Municipality, located in the Edifício dos Paços do Município, in the Loja do Munícipe and in the website from the internet of the municipality.

Proposals may be submitted in writing, identifying the applicant abroad, the public notice and the deposit to which it refers, and must be delivered directly to these same locations, or sent by mail.

The delivery of a proposal is optional and does not inhibit interested parties from intervening in the verbal bidding, with the base value for each deposit being 21 thousand euros.

«The New Cemetery of Faro it has benefited over the last few years from a wide range of improvements, namely the construction of new blocks of large drawers and the opening of the new municipal crematorium, in operation since September 2020 after a long impasse”, says the municipality.