AMAL promotes study to define the Algarve's vision for culture and creativity

This study "will allow us to aggregate aspirations and visions for the future and bring them together in great visions for the culture of the Algarve in the next decade", says AMAL

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“Culture Algarve 2030 – Aspirations and visions for the future” is the name of a study, promoted in collaboration between AMAL (Intermunicipal Community of the Algarve) and the Center for Research in Arts and Communication of the University (CIAC) of the Algarve), and which will define a vision of the Algarve region in the areas of culture and creativity.

This study, a survey of the territory, «will allow us to gather aspirations and visions of the future and bring them together into great visions for culture in the Algarve in the next decade», says AMAL.

Over the next few months, AMAL, in partnership with Faro 2027 (Application for Faro the European Capital of Culture), the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve and the University of Algarve will promote initiatives that allow the discussion of specific themes related to this area, such as conferences and public debate sessions.

This study “not only serves as a guideline, albeit a generic one, for municipalities and regional entities, but can, and should, be an important contribution to the framing of public policies with a view to obtaining community funding in the next Multiannual Financial Framework (2021 – 2027)', also refers to AMAL.

The work should contemplate aspects of cultural production in the region such as: the past - the cultures that make up the culture of the Algarve, the present - data analysis and prognosis of the current situation and the future - prospects and ideas for the feasibility of projects and notes for the future of culture in the region.

This study aims to make contributions to the development of guidelines for culture, arts and heritage in the coming years for the region, the promotion of a prospective vision for culture in the region, the definition of guiding principles for a vision of the future of culture as development opportunity and the creation of sustained value associated with culture in the region.