Aljezur grants plot in the cemetery to the local Núcleo de Liga dos Combatentes

The private plot provided by the municipality has 120 square meters in the Aljezur cemetery

Photo: Municipality of Aljezur

A private plot measuring 120 square meters in the Aljezur cemetery was granted by the City Council to the local nucleus of the Liga dos Combatentes, for ex-combatants born or residing in the municipality, whose families intend to be buried there.

On the day of the commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of the League of Combatants, the Municipality and the Nucleus signed the delivery of the plot.


Photo: Municipality of Aljezur


The ceremony was attended by the presidents of the local authorities José Gonçalves, and of the nucleus, Colonel António Novais Henrique, also with the presence of Major General Mendonça da Luz and the representative of the Lagoa-Portimão Nucleus, Captain Jaime Marreiros, as well as a small entourage.

In addition to the interventions of the guests, the message of the General Director of the League of Combatants by General Mendonça da Luz was also read, says the municipality.

The ceremony also included the deposition of «two wreaths of flowers next to the Monument to Combatentes, erected next to the Paços do Concelho building, in 2017, in order to honor the combatants and their families».

The delegation also visited the space given in the cemetery, for the private plot, with about 120 square meters, «an aspiration of the Aljezur Center that it now sees materialized for its members», concludes the Chamber.

Photo: Municipality of Aljezur