Água Monchique will be present at ModaLisboa

This year, the event will be in digital mode, with a special focus on environmental sustainability

Água Monchique will be present at the 56th edition of ModaLisboa, this year in digital mode, which will take place between 15 and 18 April, and which will have a special focus on issues related to environmental sustainability.

This year's edition of the event will feature the first Portuguese bottle of mineral water, which is entirely produced from recycled plastic (Monchique Sport 100% Reciclada) and the new 10L family package (BIB Ecopack Monchique), both from Água Monchique.

On April 18, at 17:20 pm, the commercial and marketing director of Sociedade da Água de Monchique Henrique Prucha will be one of the stakeholders in the fast talks, under the theme Environment and Social Responsibility, giving note of the numerous initiatives adopted by the company in this area.

Água Monchique will also announce the launch of its casual sport Monchique collection, designed by Gio Rodrigues.

«For some time now, we have wanted to implement a partnership with a Portuguese stylist who conceived a collection that would mirror the Água Monchique brand. Gio Rodrigues for his profile, for his remarkable professional career, for the way he has promoted and developed fashion Made in Portugal and how it identifies with the values ​​advocated by our brand was our first and only choice. It was with great pleasure that we received the news that he had accepted our challenge», explains Henrique Prucha.

The collection «will be available for sale, exclusively, at the Monchique Store (www.aguamonchique.store), during the month of April'.

«We live in unique days that should make us reflect on the importance of consuming what is Portuguese. This event is an excellent promotion of what is best done in Portugal. Água Monchique, with this association, intends to express its support to national fashion and to all its partners», says Henrique Prucha, regarding its presence in ModaLisboa, highlighting the crucial importance of supporting and stimulating consumption by national brands.