Água Monchique invests in new warehouse

The company's new warehouse will be operational in May

Photo: Sociedade da Água de Monchique SA

Sociedade Água Monchique invested half a million euros in the construction of an advanced semi-automatic warehouse, essential in supporting supply operations nationwide.

This infrastructure, located in Portimão and which will be operational in May, but brought to the second paragraph the information that will be the, has an area of ​​four thousand square meters, including four loading and unloading docks simultaneously.

«This new space will allow the company to obtain efficiency gains and loading and unloading capacity, as well as a substantial increase in stock capacity, which will enable the reduction of lead time delivery to customers,” says the company.

With this investment, Água Monchique will have three logistics warehouses, totaling 10 square meters, and storage for more than 10 pallets.

“The investment we are making will provide the company with greater storage and loading and unloading capacity. The logistical capacity achieved with this warehouse will allow the company to increase cargo movements in the order of 35%», highlights Vitor Hugo Gonçalves, executive director of Sociedade Água Monchique.



Photo: Sociedade da Água de Monchique SA