Union and JJW hotel workers brought complaints about wage arrears to RTA

Workers have not yet received wages for this year

The Algarve Hotels Union and employees of the JJW Hotels & Resorts group met this Wednesday, March 17, with the Algarve Tourism Region to analyze the situation of wages and subsidies in arrears for the approximately 340 employees of the chain hotel.

According to the union, which requested the meeting, the purpose of this meeting was to «sensitize the Algarve Tourism Region to the dramatic situation these workers are experiencing, a situation that has been going on for about a year with successive promises to regularize the situation. by the administration whenever workers decide to carry out fighting actions».

Currently, union leaders say, "what is at stake is the payment of the missing salary for the month of December and holiday and Christmas allowances for 2020 and salaries for January and February 2021."

At the end of the meeting, the union met with the workers present and it was decided that a workers' plenary will be held next Wednesday “to assess the situation, as the administration promised to pay the rest of the December salary. by the end of this week and January and February salaries, as well as missing 2020 allowances, by the end of this month».

The Union of Hotelaria do Algarve guarantees that "it will continue to monitor the situation and give all possible support to the workers, reaffirming the demand to the administration for the quick regularization of the situation".