Pop Up Gallery reopens doors in Faro with exhibition “Between Earth and Sea”

“Between the Land and the Sea” had the Ministry of Culture as its institutional partner

The exhibition “Between the Earth and the Sea”, by Lígia Oliveira, opens on the 8th of April, from 17 pm, as a way to mark the reopening of the Pop Up Gallery, in downtown Faro.

This gallery works as a small creative center, boosting cultural events and enabling artistic sharing and creation in the areas of painting, illustration, ceramics and jewelry.

It houses four studios of resident artists, a space for exhibitions and workshops, and also a shop, where you can find unique pieces by the author.

Also on weekends, several creative workshops are planned for both adults and children, with the aim of consolidating this space as an educational and artistic center in the city of Faro.

“Between Land and Sea” is a series about the unique underwater gardens of seagrasses, bringing out the delicacy of these endangered ecosystems on which much of life in our seas depends. The visual language of this series reveals Lígia Oliveira's trajectory, with a multilevel approach to the elements and a careful dialogue with the materials: aerial perspectives of the landscapes where the sea grasses grow, between the constantly changing sandbanks and the sea currents» , says the Pop Up Gallery, in a press release.

“The creation of Between Earth and the Sea involved immersing in the work of scientists, as well as fieldwork to study the characteristics of these plants and the surprising beauty of their landscapes,” he adds.

«My paintings are made of compositions that connect nature and abstraction. I am looking for a primordial symbolic representation of nature, in a process where the rawness and essence of the materials are exposed, as they are», says Lígia Oliveira.

«Natural materials have certain qualities that I hope to bring to light in a significant way, in a deep listening process: of the natural themes and the materials themselves, in compositions constructed with a poetic sense, aiming at a sensorial experience of these elements. My intention is that these works act as a symbol – a reflection on the environmental challenges we face in the context of the climate crisis, but also on the immense potential we have to solve them», he adds.

“Between Land and Sea” had the Ministry of Culture as its institutional partner.