Cássima car park with 200 spaces is already operating in Loulé

Work cost 435 thousand euros

Cássima's car park, located near the Secondary School and Social Security and which has 200 spaces, is already operating in Loulé. 

Located next to public services, such as Social Security, Municipal Swimming Pools or the Secondary School, this park, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, «improves and increases the offer and conditions of parking in an area that is the 10 minutes from the city center», says the Câmara de Loulé.

"On the land where for years an improvised dirt car park operated, there is now a space with all the comfort and safety conditions for parking light vehicles, places for people with reduced mobility and a parking area for motorcycles and bicycles." adds the Loulé autarchy.

This work, worth 435 thousand euros, also included the implementation of “environmentally friendly” public lighting.

Vehicles and people can enter via Rua A Voz de Loulé, with pedestrian access via Avenida Laginha Serafim.

With this new car park, the City Council of Loulé intends to «reduce car traffic in the urban core, promote modes of gentle mobility such as walking or cycling, and thus make the city more environmentally friendly, with CO2 emissions increasingly reduced'.