Municipality of VRSA and CTT support online presence of local businesses

CTT Comércio Local tool is free and available to traders in the three parishes of the county

The Vila Real de Santo António City Council established a partnership with CTT for the implementation, in the municipality, of the CTT Comércio Local service, thus facilitating the online presence of local merchants.

The service allows local producers and small traders, who traditionally have only physical marketing activity, to gain access to an electronic platform where they can sell their products, in this case an application, generating e-commerce business.

The CTT Comércio Local tool is free and available to merchants in the three parishes of the municipality of VRSA, who can now display and sell their products online, while residents can shop from the safety of their home.

This service, stresses the municipality, "also helps to promote the sustainability of the municipality's business fabric and ensures a first step in the digital transition of these companies that, otherwise, would hardly have access to an electronic platform for the sale of their products".

Consumers will be able, through their mobile phone and taking into account their location, to see which merchants and producers in the region are present in the application, enter each of the stores, make purchases and pay via MB Way, credit card or credit card. debt.

Traders interested in subscribing to the service may request more information by calling 210 471 616 (CTT), 281510000 (VRSA Chamber) or email

The application can be downloaded free of charge from official stores.