Faro offers food vouchers to students in the municipality

Under the program “Faro We are all"

Archive Image - Photo: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The Chamber of Faro will deliver more food vouchers in the amount of 30 euros to pre-school and 1st cycle students in the municipality of levels A and B of social action, under the Program "Faro We are all".

In practice, this measure is an extension of the cooperation protocol that already existed between the Municipality of Faro, ACRAL (Association of Commerce and Services of the Algarve), ADCZHF (Association of Commercial Development of the Historic Area of Faro), AIHSA (Association of Hotel and Similar Industries of the Algarve) and ACABF (Cultural and Activist Association of Baixa de Faro), to support these students.

The decision to extend the 30th of April was due "to the enormous success and adhesion verified and taking into account the accentuated difficulties that are felt in the local economy".

«Aware of the increased financial burden that the closure of educational establishments causes on households that were already living in a weaker economic situation, the Executive considered that it was essential to extend the previous support, agreed in the cooperation protocol approved on February 1, in the form of vouchers worth 30 euros for delivery to students», according to the Chamber of Faro.

The addendum to the protocol now approved "establishes the delivery of new vouchers, of identical value, in a total value of 30 euros, divided into 6 vouchers of 5 euros, to 1570 students in grades A and B and pre-school and 1st cycle education ( a total of 47.100 euros), for the exclusive purchase of foodstuffs (excluding alcoholic beverages) in establishments that have joined the initiative "Faro. We are All” that can operate within the measures imposed by the Government”, described the municipality.

This measure is intended not only to help the families of these students, but also to «continue to benefit traditional commerce and encourage the circular economy in the municipality».

The campaign "Faro. Somos Todos", promoted and launched by the municipality on November 23, 2020, "consists of a circular economy action, in the form of shopping vouchers, for the benefit of consumers and entrepreneurs (commerce, local services and restaurants)".