VRSA Hotel and Tourism School opens course on Nature and Adventure Tourism

Course idea began to be developed a year ago

The Vila Real de Santo António School of Hotel and Tourism (EHTVRSA) opened a new course on Nature and Adventure Tourism (TNA), in the year it celebrates 15 years of activity.

According to the school, this new training has «the objective of creating a positive impact in the region and leveraging differentiated services that guarantee unique experiences for those who visit us».

The course, continues the teaching establishment, "comes at a time when national and international tourist institutions point to the search for new ways of doing tourism, based on innovative, sustainable and equitable models."

The school recalls that, "approximately a year ago", a first meeting was held "with different institutional partners, entrepreneurs and other interested parties, in which the intention of boosting the TNA course was presented."

This proposal “was accepted and considered relevant for appearing as a differentiated training offer, in the sense of valuing and dynamizing the potential that nature offers us in this cross-border area of ​​the Eastern Algarve and Lower Guadiana”.

EHTVRSA emphasizes that «the enthusiasm among the participants is notorious, whose motivations are mostly entrepreneurial and the practice of a more sustainable tourism, being the course itself the unique opportunity to develop enriching personal experiences and differentiated training in the context of activities like the birdwatching, canoeing, climbing, among others, which will be a constant, always in maximum safety».

The environmental aspect, explains the school, «aimed at the sustainable development of natural resources and is seen as an opportunity to enhance infrastructure associated with nature and adventure, culture and heritage».

Over the next three semesters, «these students have the opportunity to practice activities along the GR 15 – Great Route of the Guadiana and the Lower Guadiana pedestrian route Network, as well as experience routes within the scope of the European Cycle Network, namely the Route of Atlantic Coast, which starts its journey in Vila Real de Santo António».

EHTVRSA, located in a region considered to have a low population density, recalls that it “develops various local and regional partnerships with a view to enhancing vocational training and the natural resources of the Sotavento, with special emphasis on the entire transboundary Baixo Guadiana region, thus contributing to the promotion of a sustainable economy in the region, based on the promotion of the Mediterranean lifestyle, which includes leisure activities and the practice of regular physical activity».