Culatra already has the electric vehicle that "won" in the Participatory Budget

Vehicle was purchased by the Parish Union of Faro

The Parish Union of Faro (UFF) this Thursday delivered an electric vehicle to the Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes Association so that it can support the entire fishing community of Ilha da Culatra “with sustainable and environmentally friendly transport”.

This vehicle was purchased following the Participatory Budget 2020 of this parish council and will contribute to the Culatra 2030 Project – Sustainable Energy Community.

«Today, with this contribution guaranteed by the Union of Parishes of Faro, another step was taken towards the environmental sustainability of this island, as this new vehicle will replace an existing one that ran on gasoline and was very polluting», framed the UFF.

This was the most voted project in the Participatory Budget 2020 of this Parish Council, which since 2017 has implemented several ideas and projects.


Photos: Parish Union of Faro