CMRSul asks for international accreditation again that it lost in 2014

The process will go through the administrative part, because the center has never failed to comply with the required good practices, guarantees the director of CMRSul

CMRSul - Photo: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The University Hospital Center of the Algarve has already started the quality certification process of the Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the South (CMRSul), in São Brás de Alportel, which will return to this health unit an international accreditation that it lost in 2014.

With the center up and running, again, in full, even with part of the beds destined to the reception of patients with sequelae of Covid-19, it is already possible to ask for this accreditation that CMRSul had for many years, having even been the first unit in Southern Europe to obtain -there.

the day it was officially Covid-19 ex-patients inaugurated, Ana Castro, president of the Board of Directors of CHUA, revealed that the objective of her team was to have the center "at full capacity", so that "we can re-accredit the center, as it once was".

“This accreditation is a quality process. There are a series of procedures that have to be seen, to know if we are within those demanding standards, in order to have the certification», explained this responsible.


Luís Malaia, director of CMRSul – Photo: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação


Luís Malaia, director of CMRSul, guaranteed the Sul Informação that the “ball” is in the administrative field, because everything else is already fulfilled to the letter.

«For us, who are here, it will be routine, because, as we have been accredited for many years, we quickly managed to pass the procedures, because we continue to practice them on a daily basis», assured the physiatrist.

«It goes through the administrative part. We have to put everything back on paper. Our daily practice will not change, what will change is the form of organization at the administrative level, which I think will also be an easy process», he reinforced.

Basically, it's about “showing the world the inner quality we already have”.

And of course, the basic condition is that the CMR South is fully working, “as it will happen from now on”.


Photos: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação


In addition to Luís Malaia, Ana Castro also left the guarantee that the center is to keep it fully functioning.

“This is a capacity that will remain installed for the future. We always have the need to rehabilitate patients, this is intensive rehabilitation, it is a completely different program from what we have at the level of other units," he said.

“Right now, let's focus more on Covid patients, because that's the big need. But we will always maintain this capacity, for other rehabilitations, resulting from other pathologies, such as spinal cords, strokes and others, because this capacity is lacking, both regionally and in the country", also assured the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CHUA.

The accreditation procedure is paid for, but CHUA has “the collaboration of the Chamber, which will help us achieve this accreditation. It will certainly not be the economic issue that will prevent us from obtaining it”.

Speaking to journalists, Vítor Guerreiro, mayor of São Brás de Alportel, revealed that "in this first phase", the municipality will invest "10 thousand euros, which will be important to return the certification to this unit, which is a benchmark at the level International".

«In this way, we also come to give our recognition to the excellent work that is provided here by all these professionals, over the years. What we fought for in the last seven years was to return the maximum capacity in treatment and hospitalization in this unit. This center began to close beds in 2014 and we now see, with great satisfaction, that it is fully operational again», concluded the mayor from São Paulo.

“I believe that the process is quick, because we have the necessary conditions”, concluded, for her part, Ana Castro.