CIAC launches “Rotura”, a new magazine

Publication is funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology

The Center for Research in Arts and Communication (CIAC) of the University of Algarve (UAlg) has just launched the first issue of Rotura magazine, a new project coordinated by Mirian Tavares and Bruno Mendes da Silva.

This new CIAC publication, financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology, aims to promote research in the areas of Communication, Culture and Arts and includes experts and reviewers from all over the world. With a system of peer-review (peer review) rigorous, is premised on free access to knowledge.

The inaugural issue, which was edited by researchers Ana Isabel Soares and Susana Costa, is part of a dossier with 10 articles dedicated, especially, to texts that focus on new/old ways of narrating, on the increasingly palpable relationship between art and technology, between entertainment and rupture.

Film and videogames is the central theme that brings together a set of texts, in Portuguese, English and Spanish, which are composed as the core of the magazine, which also brings two essays on creation and creators

The first issue is now available for reading here