Brochures make known Encostas do Cadoiço and Campos de Lapiás in Loulé

Initiative joins Câmara de Loulé and Almargem

The Câmara de Loulé and Associação Almargem have launched interpretative brochures on the “Encostas do Cadoiço” and the “Campos de Lapiás”, aiming at sharing knowledge and valuing these areas which, although located in the surroundings of the city of Loulé, are still unknown by many.

The project “Cadoiço and Megalapiás: Revealing what already exists!” took place between 2019 and 2020 and had as its main objective the promotion and environmental enhancement of two territories - Ribeira do Cadoiço, which will integrate the future Urban and Agricultural Park of Loulé, and Megalapiás do Barrocal -, both with historical importance for the city and for the populations that settled there.

This work was coordinated by Almargem – Association for the Defense of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage of the Algarve, in partnership with the Municipality of Loulé, and consisted of technical and scientific studies that allowed the historical, cultural and environmental characterization of these places.

With a solid and scientific database, it is expected that these places can constitute “living laboratories” for learning, alternatives to “sun and sea” tourism and contribute to the well-being of citizens through contact with nature.

In each of the brochures, topics such as history, the evolution of the landscape and human occupation, material heritage or associated traditions are addressed. The main values ​​in terms of geodiversity, fauna and flora are also highlighted, and an interpretive walking trail is made available, identifying various points of interest.

The brochure “Encostas do Cadoiço” focuses on the Cadoiço stream and surrounding area. This stream crosses the entire city of Loulé, although it is unknown or ignored by the population. Although the area surrounding the river is deeply humanized, it still has a very significant historical, heritage and natural heritage.

The brochure “Campos de Lapiás” is an invitation to discover the megalapiás of the Barrocal Algarve. Megalapiás, or large lapiás, are geological formations characteristic of the limestone landscape, which occur in the Algarve, especially in the Barrocal area, with several nuclei known for their dimensions and variety of shapes. In addition to their geological value, they are relatively well preserved from a scenic and environmental point of view.

In addition to the preparation of these brochures, in 2020, several activities were carried out to disseminate the areas of study, namely through the promotion of several walking routes with schools in the county and for the general public, promoting actions on the theme of exotic plants invaders and their control and organization of a Final Seminar to disseminate the main results of the project.

The brochures will be available, in digital format, here and will soon be published and distributed, on recycled paper, in an edition of the Municipality of Loulé.