Firefighters in Portimão are betting on solar energy to save 40% on the electricity bill

Improvement makes facilities more environmentally friendly

Photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof of the multipurpose pavilion at the Portimão Volunteer Fire Station, "to ensure production that will reduce electricity costs by around 40%."

The direction of the Humanitarian Association of Voluntary Firefighters of Portimão guarantees that the installation of photovoltaic panels "reflects an estimated net savings of around three thousand euros a year, without any investment, in addition to the invaluable benefit of safeguarding the environment."

With this mechanism it will also be possible to “manage consumption in real time”, he adds.

The installation of the panels is the result of a contract between the Humanitarian Association and EDP, aimed at installing a production unit for self-consumption to capture photovoltaic electricity on the roof of the barracks.

«Solar energy, transformed into electrical energy, will serve to supply the barracks facilities and, when produced in excess, is returned to the grid», explain the responsible for firefighters from Portimo.

This investment comes "following the strategy of improving the conditions of the Fire Brigade of Portimão in recent years, and in particular the focus on energy efficiency of the facilities", now that the expansion and requalification works of the operational areas and the replacement of the water heating system using solar panels'.