ALFA celebrates Women's Day with a virtual talk about travel with blogger Samanta Duarte

“Tell Stories in Photography” is the title of the cycle of Tertúlias organized by ALFA

Ilha do Sal – Photo by Samanta Duarte

ALFA – Free Association Photographers of the Algarve, to mark its thirteenth anniversary and International Women's Day, organizes an online gathering “Contar Historias com Fotografia”, inviting blogger Samanta Duarte, this Monday, March 8th, from 21 pm.

The debate is led by Vítor Azevedo and is open to all interested parties. To participate and watch, just access the ALFA's Facebook page.

Samanta Duarte was born in the Algarve capital, has emigrated twice, but always returns to what she considers the best place to live: Faro. Trainer and Digital Marketing Consultant, she has a 17-year career in civil aviation and travel is a passion. She is the author of the blog “Where are the Duartes", community administrator "Travel Bloggers En” and the internal tourism support group, “10 million reasons to stay in Portugal".

“I love collecting unique memories of the places I went to and revealing my photographic side: Ilha do Sal, Isla Coriba, Morocco, Milan, Sri Lanka, Traifa, Sukothai were some of the destinations. Ria Formosa and Sagres are also an important part of my emotions laboratory", says the blogger Algarve.

“Tell Stories in Photography” is the title of the cycle of Tertúlias organized by ALFA, from Galeria Arco, in Faro, which in recent years brought well-known names of photographers and travel writers such as Joel Santos, Gonçalo Cadilhe, Fernando Cardoso, José Luís Santos and Paulo Corte-Real, as well as launching invitations to partners and other image and art lovers visuals.

ALFA is a non-profit association, focused on the cultural and creative area, with regular programming and activity since 2008, which seeks the participation and involvement of all photography lovers through the organization of training courses, outdoor exhibitions and events. «We do not have a dedicated professional structure. We streamline partnerships and manage projects. We address all creatives, whether professionals or amateurs», stress those responsible for the association.

ALFA occupies a room located at Rua António Maria Labóia nº 1, in Cidade Velha, in Faro, and has a terrace with probably…. the best view of the Ria Formosa.