Albufeira advances with renovation works on Rua da Battery

Intervention will run until the end of April

Battery street before the intervention – Photo: Câmara de Albufeira

The renovation works of Rua da Battery, in the historic area of ​​the city of Albufeira, began last week and should be completed by the end of April.

The intervention in this artery, «a street with a privileged view over the beaches of Peneco, Pescadores and Inatel», began «with the removal of all the old sinks».

"The intervention involves the replacement of the bituminous floor, which is quite degraded, with a pavement in syenite and the placement of new sinks, so that rainwater can be collected more efficiently", described the Municipality of Albufeira.

The choice for the placement of pavement in syenite (dark granite) «related to the steep slope of the street, since the aforementioned material has a greater adherence in relation to the traditional Portuguese pavement, avoiding the skidding of vehicles and the fall of pedestrians ».

"The work, which aims to improve the safety of vehicles and pedestrians and increase the efficiency of rainwater collection, will also contribute to giving a new look to one of the most visited areas of the city", described the municipality.

During the works, there will be some traffic constraints, «however, during the night period, the road will be completely passable, since it is the only entrance and exit for the residents of Rua Nova».


Photos: Albufeira Chamber