Portimão: Museu em Casa is a successful project to “overcome” confinement

“Museu em Casa” project proposes a fun and educational virtual visit to discover local history and culture

Image of Mr. Drone's visit to the Museum of Portimão

The “Museu em Casa” project by the Portimão Museum was relaunched on 15 January, to adapt the structure «to the non-presential reality of the diversity of its audiences and users» and to the new period of confinement, which is still in progress.

be in the Museum Facebook page, in your website or even through trips through the permanent exhibition, with “immersive and unexpected” images, captured by a very special flying guide, the "Mister Drone", even with its physical doors closed, it is always possible to visit the Portimão Museum every day.


Aimed at all age levels, from the oldest to the youngest, it offers a space that is both fun and educational, in the discovery of local history and culture, browsing through the various offers on the “Museu em Casa” menu, divided into the main four themes: Educational Workshop, Factory of Stories, Virtual Visit and Online Editions.

Within each of the proposals it is possible to access and discover, for example, under the theme “Factory of Stories”, items such as “One Piece – One History“, “Not so much to the Sea, Not so much to Earth”, “Archive of Memories ”, “Conservar para Durar” and “People from the Land and the Sea”, the latter related to the work developed by the young participants in the “Vacation at the Museum” project.

What is certain is that, since its restart on January 15, the “Museu em Casa” project, on its official Facebook page, «has been registering a strong adhesion and interaction», becoming part of «the routines of families'.

So far, it already has more than 10.750 followers, who enjoy hobbies, stories, games, films, exhibitions and plays, having as a point of reference «a pleasant and fantastic journey through the culture of Portimão».