191st anniversary of the birth of João de Deus will be celebrated on the Internet

High point of the celebrations takes place on March 8th

The Municipality of Silves is celebrating the 191st anniversary of the birth of João de Deus, until 8 March, with online activities "focused on the multifaceted personality of this poet and educator, father of the maternal booklet, born in São Bartolomeu de Messines"

In a note sent to the newsrooms, the Câmara de Silves emphasizes that «the program will feature several initiatives, participations and testimonies from a distance, in a special and intense journey into the universe of João de Deus, who will forever be known as one of the eminent figures of his time and of all Portuguese literature and pedagogy».

The initiative “João de Deus for me?”, from the perspective of several citizens, personalities and institutions, conversations with Maria João Raminhos Duarte, José Alberto Quaresma and António Ponces de Carvalho, a guided tour of the João de Deus House-Museum, by Rosa Palma, mayor of Silves, staged readings and the concert Manufacturers of Footprints, by the collective Poetas do Povo, are some of these proposals that will mark this week of homage to João de Deus.

The high point of celebrations online and it takes place on March 8, the day that completes 191 years since the birth of João de Deus.

On this day, the program will begin, at 10:30 am, with an evocative moment, with the laying of flowers, broadcast live from the sculptural monument dedicated to João de Deus, in São Bartolomeu de Messines, with the intervention of Rosa Palma, Mayor of Silves, and Carla Benedito, president of the Parish Council of São Bartolomeu de Messines.

In the afternoon, in addition to the testimonies of the heading “João de Deus for me” (at 15:00 pm and 19:00 pm), the staged reading “João de Deus I Intimate Correspondence & Prosa Dispersa” will be presented, by the voice of Pedro Freitas and José Anjos, who will unveil and make known the correspondence that João de Deus exchanged with family, friends and strangers.

The celebrations will culminate with the intimate concert “Fabricantes de Pegadas”, by the collective Poetas do Povo, at 21:30 pm, in a poetry and music show that will give special focus to João de Deus' poetry, uniting it with the voice and written word of several Portuguese poets.

«The Municipality of Silves, despite the days of confinement established, decided to remain faithful to the commemorative spirit of this anniversary and prepared a cultural program, entirely online, in order to keep alive the legacy of João de Deus, son of the land, that marked the history of national teaching and literature. A universal, unique, timeless man, who makes us so proud and who, unquestionably, left us a legacy that will be perpetuated forever and that deserves to be remembered», says Rosa Palma, mayor of Silves.

The Câmara de Silves, in a note sent to the editorial offices, invites «all the residents and admirers of João de Deus to join these commemorations and watch all these moments broadcast. on the municipality's digital channels».

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