Vaccination against Covid is already being carried out in all Health Centers in the Algarve

Paulo Morgado believes that, from now on, vaccination will "go into cruising speed"

Photo: Armindo Vicente | Sul Informação

The vaccination of the general population against Covid-19 is already being carried out in the 16 municipalities of the Algarve since yesterday, the 24th, after having started just over two weeks ago in Portimão and Olhão, as a pilot experience.

This week, the Algarve could count on more vaccines than last week, which will allow people aged over 80 to be vaccinated outside their homes and over 50 with associated diseases to be vaccinated in all Algarve municipalities.

“In total, this week, around 8 vaccines will come. It was this amount that was allocated to us in the distribution that is made nationwide. And the task force that makes this distribution, taking into account population criteria and the groups that are being vaccinated at this stage”, he revealed to Sul Informação Paulo Morgado, President of the Algarve Regional Health Administration.

This made it possible to extend vaccination to the entire region. Since yesterday, 17 vaccination posts have been in operation, since, in Loulé, «the Health Extension of Quarteira is also being vaccinated».

This second phase of the vaccination process, after having started only in Olhão and Portimão, was extended to five more municipalities in the region during the past week, namely «Albufeira, Lagos, Loulé, Tavira and Vila Real de Santo António».

“Up until the 19th, the first 1526 doses were given to those over 80. But the first two weeks were, in a way, a test. From now on, the vaccination will start at cruising speed», believes Paulo Morgado.


Vaccination against Covid-19 in Olhão – Photo: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação


This does not mean that all vaccines arriving in the region, from now on – the number of which depends on the availability of the vaccine at European and national level – are destined for the group of people over 80.

“There are several vaccination processes taking place at the same time. In a first phase, we vaccinated health professionals and homes, legal and illegal, of the national network of integrated continuous care and care institutions», recalled the president of ARS Algarve.

With regard to homes, this process continues, although most users are already vaccinated against Covid-19.

“Until Saturday, we had 2450 users with full vaccination and 1496 with only the first dose. The process is still ongoing, taking into account that, when we started, we had many homes with an outbreak," said Paulo Morgado, noting that the outbreaks, at the moment, "are very few."

“Now, in this second phase, we have started vaccinating people over 80 years old and those over 50 with other associated diseases, as well as firemen and security forces», he added.


Photos: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação


The same person in charge told the Sul Informação that the GNR professionals included in this phase have already been immunized and that it began «this Wednesday to vaccinate those of PSP. Next, we are going to vaccinate the Red Cross members who transport patients and carry out Covid tests».

And how are vaccines distributed across the councils?

«The criterion we use to distribute among the municipalities is population. We analyze the number of people who fit into groups with criteria in each municipality and, depending on the vaccines that reach us, we distribute them proportionally», assured Paulo Morgado.

«There is an equitable distribution, so that no council advances more than the other», he reinforced.

As an example, as found by the Sul Informação, Castro Marim will inoculate 126 people by the end of the week.

«In some of the smaller municipalities or with less population, we are talking about a universe of around 400 people in the group of more than 80. It will not be difficult to vaccinate these people», believes the president of ARS Algarve.



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