PSP charged more than 100 euros in State of Emergency violation fines

Public Security Police registered, until Thursday, a total of 9.141 infraction notices

About 102 euros were collected by the PSP under the administrative offenses raised since January to those who violated the rules of confinement due to Covid-19, revealed this Friday, February 19, that security force.

Data sent to Lusa agency indicate that the Public Security Police registered, until Thursday, a total of 9.141 infractions against the state of emergency rules, 7.969 of which in mainland Portugal and 1.172 in the autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira.

PSP states that approximately 1000 administrative offenses are currently concluded, about 10% of the total of cases filed in Mainland Portugal, having collected approximately 102 thousand euros.

This week, the Minister of Internal Affairs stated in parliament that, in January and February, 13.300 administrative offenses were applied by the security forces in the scope of the state of emergency, while in the whole year of 2020 5.000 were registered.

Among the offenses are the non-compliance with the general duty of home collection, use of a mask on roads and public spaces, circulation between municipalities, consumption of alcoholic beverages on the street, non-compliance with the rules of occupation, capacity, permanence, physical distance and means of prior appointment in places open to the public, restaurant operating rules and non-compliance with the closing of facilities and establishments, as well as non-compliance with the rules for the sale of alcoholic beverages.